i’m a nice person i just hate everyone 

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Pole dancer

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Spread this. Share this. Do this. Yes.

Reblogging because…..yes. Do this.

Not what I usually reblog but holy chaos that’s smart

My parents made sure me and my sister had a passwords for this exact reason. I even still remember the password… 

there’s also something you can create called an ‘emergency phrase.’ something that seems completely innocent but it means ‘help me, I am somewhere unsafe and can’t talk.’

Common phrases can be like ‘so how is uncle [name that no one in your family has]’ or ‘did you remember to feed the [pet you don’t have]?’

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accidentally stepping on your pet’s foot


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• dont buy a doll that looks creepy

• dont buy a doll before you have a child

• dont look under door cracks when someone or something locked you

• dont buy a doll

• never put a doll on a rocking chair

• dont use the fucking elevator when a demon is chasing you

• if you use the stairs, dont…

kaleid0scope-minds said: Annabelle has me messed up lol


I just realized the actress who played Mia actual name is Annabelle.

I liked how John believed Mia about everything unlike some movies

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce